How to choose a fur coat correctly

The first thing to pay attention to is the quality of the fur. It should be intended for winter, be dense and have the undercuts. Mesdra or the dressing of fur must necessarily be soft and can easily change the shape. On painted fur coats, it should be white, Yellow color means that it has already “aged”. Recently, muton products are very popular and most women prefer them. The muton fur coat is quite light and warm, and also sits well in the figure, but at the same time it is much cheaper than other varieties of fur. Usually, the more expensive the material, the more you will wear it, for example, you will wear from a beaver for 10 years, but you will have to throw it out of the hare after about 4 seasons (years). For some animals, it is very important that they are wild, for example for nutria. Иногда в шубах можно увидеть качество выделки шкур, если прокладка не пришита.

Buying a fur product is in a store that has been selling them for many If you find a marriage on a fur coat, you can return it to the warranty period (usually for a whole year). With a purchased fur coat in the same market, the chances of returning it are very small.

Please note that it does not matter how the fur coat is sewn in dissolution or from whole plates. The main thing is that she emphasizes all your advantages and hides the shortcomings;). They are mainly two main types: short and long. For mothers, or women who have to walk in the air for a long time, a warm fur coat from mink, fox, or arctic fox, and for young people who do not often spend time on the street, a jacket or a short fur coat from short -haired furs, for example, from a fur coat, for example otter.

Be carefully buying fur products with painted fur, since often manufacturers use such a tactic to hide the fur defects reproaching it into black. This rule does not relate to wild nutria, as it is necessary for the fur to look beautiful (its natural color is not very attractive). Also now very often repainted in absolutely any color, if you are a lover of standing out of the crowd, you can not worry – painting almost does not affect the quality.

If you doubt that it is better – a fur coat or sheepskin coat, then I can say for sure that a fur coat. It will be much more practical, since you can dress it in the rain and in the snow, besides, it will always be in fashion. And you can buy an excellent fur coat from any fur in the online store your fur coat

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