Arrangement of a children’s room

A children’s room is not just four walls, it is a whole universe of your child, where he will have a whole life – sleep, games, reading, cartoons, classes, lessons. Every parent wants to make a children’s room functional, safe and comfortable. The arrangement of the children should be a joint creative work of parents and the child, if he is already more than two to three years old. It is necessary to listen to the opinion of the future owner of the room and take him into account when compiling the interior.

First you need to think about the functional zoning of the room where the recreation area, games and work will be located. It will be good if the zones will smoothly go into another and harmoniously combine. The sleeping area is usually located at the end of the room, and the game is closer to the door. The desktop is placed opposite the bed against the wall. If there is such an opportunity, then the window should be to the left of the table.

After the layout, they start repairing. No doubt we choose only safe and environmentally friendly materials, be sure to check the quality certificates when buying. All surfaces should easily tolerate dry and wet cleaning. It is better to abandon the worthy wallpaper, with them in the room will always be dusty. For floors, instead of dusty kavrolins, it is best to purchase a cork for the best sound insulation.

Next, select the color of the wallpaper. Children’s psychologists persistently advise abandoning bright and saturated shades, they will annoy and tire the child. It would be nice to listen to the child’s opinion in choosing a color. If he likes the yellow color, then let the main solution be pastel gamut of this color, in the future it will be possible to add a bright color when decorating.

It is very important to pay attention to lighting. Better use three or more color sources. It is better to refuse lamps with ceiling in a nursery. Additional light sources should be at the bed and at the table.

The most difficult stage is the selection of children’s furniture, much depends on the age of the owner of the room. Recently, the most popular tracormers. The designers try to fame, their tables are pushed into the cabinets, beds are cleaned under the table, shelves leave as if from nowhere.

The most beloved stage is the decor of the room. Pillows for the sofa, beautiful watches, bizarre shares of chandeliers, home plants, cozy curtains, these pleasant little things will make your child’s room an individual, cozy and unique.

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