How to choose curtains in a nursery

Each self -respecting mistress is engaged in the creation of an interior for a home. The selection of textiles is not the last role in this process. Sometimes, this step is so important that until recently, a boring apartment or house is transformed beyond recognition. And all because textiles are chosen with knowledge of the matter.

To achieve something truly standing and original, order individual sewing curtains. You will not lose anything, but rather, even win. You will buy in the store, but the curtains may not fit or you will have to completely redo them. Another thing – an individual approach – practical and immediately suitable.

Even if you already know where you will order the curtains, the question may arise – and which ones to choose so that they are perfect for the room. In particular, for the children’s curtains should be selected with special care. Still, we are talking about a child. There is a certain set of rules that are desirable to observe.

Curtains should be made of natural materials

It is very important that the material of the curtains is natural. For example, cotton or flax. The more artificial threads are present, the worse. Some advise the opposite, use only artificial materials, because they are not so merciful. But in the end, you are more exhausted, and for the health of the child this is not the best option. Surround the baby only the best, and the best is natural.

Relatively bright colors

It is accepted that bright curtains are chosen in the nursery. Yes, it seems obvious, because for children I want to do everything bright and festive, but in reality another picture. The fact is that in his children’s room the child sleeps, and studies, and plays. And this means that the color scheme of curtains, other textiles and wallpaper should not be too aggressive. Too bright colors are always aggressive. You can choose something relatively bright, but not obsessive. Otherwise, the child will get tired.

Select the density depending on the side and temperature

Where are the windows of the nursery? If east, then it makes sense to choose more dense curtains so that the child does not wake up too early. This can negatively affect the quality of sleep. It is also important to maintain the temperature balance. For example, for winter, curtains can be chosen harder, and for the summer it can be easier.

To make the right choice, try to maintain common sense and do not be afraid to experiment. You will definitely like the result, and the room itself will become cozy.

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