How to prevent the development of a heart attack.

The main symptom of the heart attack is the sudden pain. As a rule, a person cannot immediately understand that something terrible happened, because nothing portended trouble. In addition, sudden pain does not necessarily appear in the heart, but may also appear in the neck, jaw or left hand.

There are a huge many folk methods of treatment, but we do not always have the opportunity to use them. Therefore, if you went on a long journey or buy EOTECH Exps3 4, then take the medicines that you can buy at any pharmacy with you.

Folk methods of treatment

If you understand that a heart attack is coming, it will be good, swallow a bit of garlic completely. Thus, you can stop the development of an attack, in this case the garlic acts in the role – nitroglycerin.

There is another good way of treatment, but it only does not work with heart attack, but with angina pectoris. It is necessary to take the head of the garlic, completely clean it and pour it with two glasses, a good, rich chicken broth. Then, boil all this, add parsley, the broth will strain and boil again.  The resulting decoction, take before meals.

If you have shortness of breath, then the following folk medicine is considered a good way to get rid of it. Take olive oil and wheat vodka (200g) in equal amounts, mix these two liquids with each other and take in modest quantities.

It happens that there is a sudden heaviness in the chest, in which case it is necessary to take fir oil, with a slight addition of sugar sand. In addition, fir oil can be rubbed into the skin in the heart.

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