Baths from healing herbs.

Baths of healing herbs have always been considered from ancient times a very good way to improve health, well -being, removal fatigue, cleansing the skin, strengthening of sleep, removing muscle tension, enhance metabolism, etc.

To this it is necessary to add that when accepting herbal baths, you can give your body the special aroma that will be inherent only to you. After taking such baths, the soul and body are cleansed, you calm down and the mood becomes better.

The positive therapeutic effect of a bath of healing herbs can only be provided when they are accepted regularly in a certain sequence and not less than 10-15 baths with a period of one to two days. We offer recipes for injuries:

– the roots of the calamus, the aboveground part of the creeping thyme – mix 250 g of raw materials in three liters of water boil. Boil a little, pull and pour into the bath. For the adoption of herbal baths, there should be a water temperature of no more than 35-370C;

– The fruits of chestnut – about one and a half kilograms of horse chestnut pour five liters of cold water and boil for about 30 minutes, move and pour into the bath;

– Blagodes of black elderberry, oregano grass, nettle sheet, burdock leaves, juniper’s paws, tansy flowers, aboveground part of the dust, blackcurrant leaves, pine buds, sheet and violet flowers, field horsetail, hop cones – mix all these components in equal shares and take At the rate of 8 tablespoons per 2 liters of simple water, all this must be completely boiled for about ten minutes, carefully led, pour into the bath;

– needles or ready -made needles extract, sea salt – 150 g of the finished needles extract and about two and a half kilograms of sea salt dissolve in the bath in the bath.

Baths are taken for 20-30 minutes.

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