Choose a safe for home use

If there is a need to install a safe at home, then when choosing if you are guided by personal needs.

Safes are with increased protection against hacking, fire -resistant and fireproof. Such options will cost a little more than standard safes.

In addition, hacking safes are divided into 12 classes, depending on their degree of protection. This unit is carried out on the basis of Russian standards.

The next step will be the need to choose the size of the safe and the most suitable installation method. The degree of protection of the safe is also directly related to the type of locking lock.

Mechanical or electronic code locks are usually used, as well as standard with keys. Most often for home use, small safes with key locks are chosen, but there are times when there is a need to purchase a safe with a mechanical or electronic lock.

Mechanical locks can have both permanent code and replaceable, but electronic locks need a periodic replacement of combinations. In order for the safe to take the most suitable place for it and fit into the interior, most likely, preliminary preparation will be needed, which depends on the method of fastening and installation.

More information in this section can be read.

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