How to get rid of stretch marks?

A sharp set of weight with insufficient elasticity of the skin can provoke the appearance on the body of stretch marks (striae). This becomes especially noticeable in women after childbirth, when several kilograms have already been thrown off. The skin suddenly sags, becomes flabby, internal atrophied scars have already been formed in its deep layers.

Fresh striae of red-violet color, later they bleach and become white. Stretch marks do not pose any health hazard. The main inconvenience of them is the moral suffering of their owners. You can fight stretch marks, there are many different ways. Combining them, in the long run you can get a good result.

If stretch marks appear on the body, you might reconsider your diet. Be sure to include seafood, stewed vegetables, vegetable oil (especially olive), fruits in your daily menu. To prevent changes in skin turgor, it is simply necessary to drink from one and a half to two liters of pure water every day.

Several times a year, you can drink nutritional supplements with collagen and elastin in courses. The fact is that stretching, the surface of the skin increases, and the amount of collagen remains there. If you regularly nourish the skin with collagen and elastin, this will significantly reduce the likelihood of stretch marks.

Massage with oils and scrubs at home. Problem areas are massaged for at least 5 minutes. Scrubs are made from ground coffee or sea salt. Every day should be massaged with vacuum jars. After such a massage, wrapping with the use of creams with mummy or kelp is very effective.

All these funds must be used regularly and for a sufficiently long time.

Quick results can be obtained by turning to hardware cosmetology. To date, peeling, skin treatment with microeles are used here (by the way, a mesoroller can be purchased for these purposes for home use), a fractional laser. The goal of all these methods is to apply a controlled microtrauma to the skin in order to start the process of its change.

If even laser procedures do not help, then the last cardinal method is abdominoplasty. During this surgical operation, excess skin is excised and, along with it, stretch marks.

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