How can you use wine traffic jams: 5 original ideas

You have wine traffic jams? Then you can use them on the household for the home, having come up with an original function for them, and ideas below will inspire you to your own works of art.

one. Heart

Everything is quite simple: use a square plywood, in advance in advance a stencil with an inscription, select the desired color of the paint and apply it on the basis. Glue heart-shaped corks in the center and cover them with a white to red gradient. Great idea for a piggy bank of ideas for Valentine’s Day.

2. Flowers in pots

Buy some succulents. Prepare corks for them: you need to carefully scrape out the middle. Fill each wine cork with earth and plant flowers. On the reverse side of each such pot, attach a wooden base with glue or double-sided tape, which, in turn, will be mounted on the wall.

It is best if you use a panel for attaching flowers, and not the wall itself. So you won’t spoil the wallpaper, and you can later change the arrangement of flowers as you wish.

3. Letter for the kitchen

You need to collect enough corks to create one large letter. Again, as in the case above, it is best to use the base, for example, it can be cut out of paper, and glue plugs on it, closely pressed to each other.

four. note board

In the photo you can see the panel in the Victorian style, but you can always make such a board on your own.

Use thick cardboard as the basis of the desired size, choose a frame. Due to the volume of the cork, the frame must be attached to the base cardboard immediately.

You should have enough corks to cover the entire canvas. Every third cork needs to be painted blue, every second of the remaining ones – white. The rest can either be left as is or varnished.

Put all the corks on the glue.

Now you can hang the board on the wall, and fasten small notes or pictures with the image of what you are going to buy in the store for your child with invisibility.

5. Bath mat

In this case, the rug is made for the bathroom, but you can use it for both the loggia and the hallway. Choose the right amount of cork. Each of them needs to be pierced with an awl and tied with a dense thread vertically.

You will get long strips of cork. Put them in order and glue them together.

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