How to hire a housekeeper

One of the most popular professions today, of course, is the profession of a housekeeper. The realities of today do not allow us to fully conduct households.

But large houses and large -scale apartments with a lot of furniture, mirrors and carpets need everyday care. To entrust all this to special home staff, the selection of which must be attributed with full responsibility and meticulousness.

The first rule when choosing a housekeeper – do not look for a suitable candidate in ads posted in the media. Nowadays, hire a random person without a resume and recommendations – an extremely reckless step. It is more advisable to contact a specialized agency professionally engaged in the selection of household assistants, for example, at https: // www.I-want-to.Org/Domashniy-Personal/. In order for your choice to be successful, you need to indicate your requirements for home personnel, working conditions and service schedule.

If you want the housekeeper to just remove the apartment, then it is enough to hire an assistant who will come only a couple of times a week. In the case when the implementation of a wider range of services is required (washing and ironing, payment of utility bills, buying products, etc.P.), the housekeeper should be in the apartment almost every day.

At the first communication with the housekeeper, it is imperative to dot the “and”: stipulate the amount of remuneration, conditions of rest and work. Carefully check the documents of a potential employee: passport, medical book, recommendations from the previous place of work. If in doubt, do not hesitate to ask for information from persons for whom the housekeeper worked before.

And do not be too lazy to conclude an employment contract with an au pair, including a separate clause on the ban on disclosure of information about your personal life.

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