Methods for treating endometriosis

What is endometriosis? This is an exclusively female disease, the main manifestation of which is nodules that are formed either in the uterine cavity or beyond. These nodules are similar in structure to endometrium.

The endometrium is a fabric that lines the entire surface of the uterus from its inside. This fabric develops throughout the monthly cycle, and then “thrown away” along with menstrual blood – unless, of course, fertilization occurred. But occasionally it happens that the endometrium tissues fall back into the abdominal cavity, either take root, and then grow on the ovaries, in the uterus, or on some other internal organs.

Endometriosis is treated exclusively by seeking a doctor, independent treatment is impossible.

What can be signs of endometriosis? Firstly, it is the pain that occurs with sexual contacts. Secondly, these are bloody discharge between menstruation. Thirdly, this is too painful menstruation. Sometimes infertility can serve as an indirect sign. But sometimes diagnosing endometriosis is not so simple-it can take place without any clearly noticeable symptoms. Therefore, if the disease has already been found in your family, then it would be nice, for the sake of prevention, to regularly undergo examinations with your gynecologist in order to prevent the progression of the disease.

Now consider how this disease is treated. In general, it depends on many interconnected factors. Treatment should not only remove nodules, but also prevent relapse and formation of cysts and adhesions. Three main methods of treatment can be distinguished.

one. The method without intervention, or conservative, is performed in the form of taking anti -inflammatory, hormonal, desensitizing and symptomatic type drugs. Such treatment is effective only with prolonged use of these drugs. The main phase is hormonal therapy, when oral contraceptives are written out, which suppress the release of some substances of hormonal type and, therefore, violate cyclic processes in endometrial cells.

2. The surgical method of the organ -preserving type is to remove the nodules of endometriosis by the laser or electrocoagulation through a small incision.

3. The surgical method of the radical type is that the uterus and ovaries are completely removed. It is used only in extreme cases.

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