Face lotions at home

In order for the face, as it can remain more beautiful and young, it is necessary to provide him with careful care. Today, lotions are a good means for this. Industry on cosmetic products produces many all kinds of lotions and face creams. But only most women prefer to use homemade, natural means.

Three recipes of lotions are proposed, the composition of which can be made in the house on their own.

one. Lotion that pulls the skin.

Take dry chamomile flowers – a couple of tablespoons, rosemary, mint and calendula – one tablespoon. Pour this herbal mixture with white wine – one liter. Place the resulting composition in a dishes made of glass and close it tightly with a lid, it is desirable that it be screwed. The mixture is recommended to withstand about a week in a warm place. When this period passes, the infusion must be filtered through gauze material and poured into another glass container. Lotion is ready for use.

In the morning after washing and in the evening, wipe your face with a lot of lotion daily. And those who show folk remedies are recommended to get acquainted with such a rejuvenation procedure as plasmolifting. For those who are positive about folk recipes, you can continue further.

2. Lotion that tones the skin.

Take rose petals – two handfuls, sugar – two hundred grams and water – one liter. In the container, with the neck is quite wide, place the rose petals, add sugar to them and the right amount of liquid. Shake the mixture and let it brew in the dark for about five days. While this mixture is infused, it is periodically recommended to shake it. Wipe the face with such a lotion once before bedtime.

3. Lotion that cleanses the skin (recommended for oily skin).

Take apple vinegar – half a glass, dry cloves – half a teaspoon, water of pink and lavender dry flowers – one tablespoon. Put lavender and cloves in the glass container, pour them with apple cider vinegar and add pink water. Insist the mixture needs ten days, periodically shake it. After the expiration of the ten -day period, strain the finished mixture through gauze fabric. Use the lotion in the evening. It is also recommended to use special cosmetics for oily skin, which will save you from inflammation and ugly shine.

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