Grand Tour of American Supermarkets

Food in America is designed for people with any wealth and preferences. Artificial products predominate in cheap stores.

In high-end supermarkets, you can find absolutely all the natural products you need. In addition, they are sold at “Farmers’ markets”. Berries and fruits of high quality grown in greenhouses are on sale all year round:

  • pears and apples;
  • blueberries, strawberries and raspberries;
  • several varieties of mango.

Vegetables are not translated all year round. The variety of tomato varieties is amazing: watery and fleshy, black and yellow, “grapes”, cherry and traditional tomatoes of all varieties and colors.

The taste qualities of American products are different, the incongruous is easily combined here:

  1. Sugar is added to the bread.
  2. There are varieties of chocolate with mint filling and salt.
  3. Sweet potatoes (sweet potatoes) are added to meat.
  4. Sweet and peppery cinnamon candies are produced.
  5. Sweet grain bars with a very noticeable salty aftertaste.
  6. They make pizza with pineapples in Hawaiian.

There are plenty of products here, you can choose whatever your heart desires. In any special institution, hot dishes are sold according to your own taste and wallet capabilities:

  • dessert;
  • sweets;
  • salads;
  • side dishes;
  • meat;
  • soups.

There are products such as lentil paste, brown rice, buckwheat. There is a huge variety in the choice of minced meat in terms of fat content, salt and sugar content. Natural pork and chicken can be bought on farms. America is called the “country of big freezers”. It is customary to freeze any ready-made food here. Even people who do not know how to cook at all will be provided with a rich selection of dishes for every taste.

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