Correct watches: 6 principles of style

How to wear a watch to look spectacular? 6 principles give tips in everyday life.

one. Short sleeve

The watch emphasizes the beauty of the hand if the sleeve is short. The compatibility of style in clothes and in the accessory is the main thing. If you work, then a watch with a thin leather strap. If at a party, then a metal bracelet.

2. Bracelet on the same hand

If you wear a watch and complement the image of bracelets, then wear on one hand. The stylistic line is again in priority. The overloaded impression will spoil everything, so everything is tone, in color, in the gamut. For any bracelets, even if it is women’s Swiss watches, you can find the corresponding style combination.

3. For a sports style – an exception

It is difficult to find a suitable model under sports style. Do not combine jeans with a clock with a large dial – it went. Dear clock under the casual – tasteless. Use something athletic and in the watch, for example, a bright strap or a traditional, but entwined around the hand several times.

four. Chains instead of a bracelet

Clocks can make chains more elegant instead of a bracelet and strap. This will make a beautiful accessory out of the clock – an elegant addition to the dress. If the dial is universal, several bracelets with different functionality – only plus.

5. Clock on gloves

The watches on gloves look harmonious if they put under a coat with a long sleeve. At the same time, the clock is thin, elegant and expensive. Long gloves in an evening dress and thin watch – a classic of a genre.

6. Good tone

The use of hours in the image is a good tone. The appropriate use of watches is unsurpassed chic. Combine cold gammma, style solutions and obvious ensembles. For example, gold looks good under the classics of black and white; reflected on a warm range, but not suitable for cold shades, in which the place is silver and platinum.

The cost of hours is an important priority. Do not save on an accessory, he will say faster than your taste.

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