Gypsum cardboard cladding

To date, drywall is an indispensable material in cosmetic or overhaul. Thanks to this material, your designer ventures can be realized in reality in a fairly short time with minimal costs.

What is drywall?

The plasterboard sheet (GKL) is a building material, the basis of which is gypsum with external cardboard cladding. Drywall is perfect for facing walls and ceilings in residential premises, since this material is as environmentally friendly, not containing toxic substances that have a negative effect on the human body. Also drywall is an energy -saving material, which is characterized by high soundproofing characteristics.

Based on the above properties, it is necessary to indicate an important criterion of this material – this is the fire resistance of the material.

By making the wall cladding with drywall (or ceiling), you allow the whole room to “breathe”, that is, create a kind of moisture exchange.

Consider what tools must have for the installation of drywall and additional components of the base itself:

– drywall sheets;

– profiled guides;

– dowels and screws;

– punch (or drill);

– scissors for metal;

– screwdriver;

– building level;

– roulette;

– a special knife for cutting drywall;

– The mesh is self -skipped.

Most often, drywall sheets are used to align walls (or ceilings), but it is possible to use drywall to create a frame base. In this case, drywall sheets must be attached to the wall itself without additional use of profiles. Hypsum cardboard is attached to glue.

This manipulation occurs so.

Before fixing drywall to the wall, it must be cleaned and applied to the surface. Then, a specially prepared gypsum mixture is applied to the drywall sheet (which is calculated according to the curvature of the wall), applying gypsum cardboard to the wall, align it along the construction level and give it a motionless state. So it is necessary to produce with all sheets. The joints of the sheets are sealed with a self -adhesive net, which is further masked under putty.

When using screws during the installation of drywall, they are also hidden under a layer of putty.

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