Which vacuum cleaner to choose for home

The modern house is not complete without household appliances. All kinds of machines allow you to make life easier, faster, more comfortable. However, such a technique should still be chosen, because if you lose with the model of the same vacuum cleaner, you can make an unsuccessful purchase and simply spend money in vain.

The times of brooms have long passed and now in everyday life vacuum cleaner. He quickly copes with dirt and dust, filling the apartment with cleanliness and comfort. If the old one has already failed, it’s time to look after a new model – more modern, more practical and more reliable.

The first thing you should determine for yourself is the cost of the new product. A set of functions, design, vacuum cleaner brand will depend on the price. Budget options are not necessarily bad, but simple and limited in functionality. Although it is often the cheap vacuum cleaners will not last long, so you should not be too cheap.

After you have decided on the price of the issue, pay attention to the power. Household vacuum cleaners are not as powerful as industrial, but at the same time also differ in this parameter. It is enough for a home vacuum cleaner to cope with dust, cat hair and threads.

Next, look at the type of device. There are 3 options: aquafilter, cyclone type and vacuumber. The latter is most famous and the most budgetary of all. The vacuum cleaner is a device with a bag of fabric or paper. Bags can be disposable or removable. Disposable – the cheapest and suggest that after each cleaning the bag is removed and changes to a new.

Reusable must be cleaned after each time. In addition, the fabric vacuumber often releases dust back without cleaning the apartment.

There are no vacuum chloride vacuum cleaners, but there is a container. All dust and garbage falls into it. They remove well, but they are very noisy. You will have to tinker with the container too.

Aquafilters are the best revolutionary solution. After cleaning the air becomes fresh, although the cost of such a vacuum cleaner is quite high. This is the main minus. Aquafilters have 3 types of designs – separated, with partitions, a barbotage. Each has its own characteristics, but cleaning in any case the most impeccable of all possible.

Before making the final choice, read reviews from different sources. They will tell you which model to dwell on if there are doubts. Also ask your friends and relatives who have already made a choice in favor of a particular apparatus.

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