Installation and maintenance of any heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems in Los Angeles

A business that involves storing food products, creating a comfortable environment in the sales area, at the client’s location, widely uses refrigeration equipment, devices for ventilation and air conditioning. This is especially important if the climate of the area is hot most of the year. There is a company in Los Angeles that is ready to help repair a variety of devices at any time of the day.


The company is called LArefrigeration company, and its specialization is the following types of work:

  1. Installation and maintenance of any heating, ventilation or air conditioning systems.
  2. Repair of commercial refrigeration equipment used for freezing or cooling food, drinks, including wine and beer, maintaining a certain microclimate for plants, including flowers.
  3. Repair of shelves and display cases that may refrigerate or freeze food items displayed for sale.
  4. Repair and maintenance of equipment for cafes and restaurants, including systems located in the kitchen or sales area.

We carry out preventative maintenance or repairs for all systems from leading manufacturers, regardless of their year of manufacture and model.

LA Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Co.’s services extend throughout Los Angeles. You can call or use the website to clarify information and order a specialist call.

Advantages of the company

The repair organization accepts applications around the clock, regardless of holidays and weekends. In this case, the visit of a technician or team is carried out on the same day, the consequences of malfunctions are eliminated quickly in order to reduce equipment downtime and associated losses.

Over 35 years of work in this field, vast experience has been accumulated, an understanding of the importance of all processes has been gained, and a strong reputation as a reliable partner has been won. The company values its relationships with clients, carries out high-quality work, and provides guarantees for the actions taken.

We have qualified personnel, the necessary tools, and equipment to quickly respond to a call and carry out repairs of any complexity. To replace faulty elements, high-quality components and parts are used that are capable of operating for a significant period to extend the operation of the equipment.

When you call, managers will give detailed advice, find out all the necessary information in order to carry out repairs without additional time and without increasing its cost.

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