What is best to play with the child

If you see that your child is a little bored, then you need to play with him, otherwise you are unpleasant from a compulsory kind of child, and the child should be at least surrounded by attention and your care. In addition to a great mood, games can be brought together by generations. Of course, in childhood it is better to captivate the child with logical games, such as chess, or checkers or what you consider necessary.

So, we offer you a few games for every taste.

one. A ball of thread.

According to the rules, two teams are needed, of several players, preferably of six. The first team will be sorcerers, they become facing the wall and do not look at the second. The second team gets into a circle, takes hands, and begins to form a bizarre ball, without disassembling his hands, step over them. When the ball confuses, the sorcerers team will have to unravel this ball.

2. Guess what is in the box!

The eyes are tied to the first player, he lowers his hand into the box, and determines the object laid in the box to the touch. You can put absolutely any item, preferably small sizes. For example, it is for these purposes that you can buy Monster High dolls inexpensively and guess in small details, which doll.

3. For memory.

The game is the same. You just need to find a set of pair cards. We lay down on the table with pictures down. Each in turn turns two cards and if he finds a pair, then takes it to himself. The use of playing cards is not recommended.

four. Cities.

Calm game. You can play it almost always. Participants take turns calling the geographical names of cities, for example Samara, the next participant calls the city in the last letter of the previous participant, for example Astrakhan, and t.D.

5. Chairs.

An old but very entertaining game for a large number of participants, for example, plays 10 people, 9 chairs are placed in the circle and participants run around the chairs, to the music, after stopping music, everyone sits on a chair and who does not have time, leaves the game.

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