How fairy tales help in raising children

Raising a child is a complex and multi -stage process that will require great attention and learning from you.

Adults are not robots, they also have feelings, emotions, they also need support and care, and here they need to manage to balanced between work, house care, raising a child … All this is piled and grows in a snow lump, meanwhile, the child needs your attention.

And at this moment a fairy tale will help you. In general, a fairy tale is the best way to convey to the baby a certain thought. Firstly, the wisdom of previous generations contains the wisdom of previous generations, which means that you do not only reassure or delight, you also teach, that is, you solve several problems at once, using one small fairy tale.

How fairy tales work in practice?

For example, your child does not want to go to kindergarten. Promise him on the way to tell an interesting fairy tale that he has not heard yet. Of course, you can promise a toy in the Manyunya store, but you risk creating a trigger “poor behavior-manipulation-thing”, after which your baby will begin to use things as a replacement for something true, real.

Tales work well when the child is afraid of something. You can even use real heroes. The baby may have a bear, and you can tell a mysterious story about Bear, who was also afraid of the darkness under the bed or peers in kindergarten, and then he realized that he was strong and smart, that there was confidence inside him and that he had nothing to fear with such force. Use imagination. If you want to teach something a baby, tell him this in the form of a fairy tale.

Когда малыш не знает, как поступить или сделал что-то не очень хорошее, например, ударил другого ребенка, то не ругайте своего малыша, а спросите: скажи, а как бы поступил на твоем месте супермен? Pour the baby on the right solutions. Teach him with images. Words, especially abstract about what is good and bad, work ineffectively, but fairy -tale heroes are the best example to follow.

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