Choosing suitable jeans in figure

Today, jeans are one of the most fashionable and practical things that must be in the wardrobe. But how to choose exactly those who are perfectly sitting on the figure and emphasizing the virtues?

It is worth remembering that jeans always stretch after the first month of socks, from whatever materials they are sewn. So, choosing your size, given this factor. In the store you should barely pull them, but still could fasten and still breathe. Let some discomfort are, but over time, jeans sit on you perfectly.

Now more about how to choose a model, depending on the type of figure.

Free cut at the waist is suitable for full girls. For tall, jeans with a low waist of light shades are ideal. Girls with small growth should not buy jeans narrowed to the bottom, as they will shorten the figure even more.

If you have a standard figure, choose the classics, it suits everyone and always. You can buy inexpensive mink fur coats and wear your favorite jeans for them and it will always look spectacular.

If you have a flat priest, then choose a clash and be sure to with the rear pockets. This model will visually improve your forms.

Banana jeans, with a straight cut, are not particularly fashionable now, but if you liked a similar model, then it is best if you have high growth and slender legs.

Building jeans are not suitable for everyone, you should have pronounced caviar and preferably without problems with excess weight. Speaking of full legs. For these, straight jeans are suitable for the type of trousers with pockets on the hips, but remember the length – jeans should reach the middle of the heel.

As for the color, the preferences are more individual here, but the better your figure, the fewer restrictions. Light jeans to full girls can be selected under a black jacket up to the middle of the thigh. That is, even if there are problems with the figure, then everything can be corrected with a skilled combination of things.

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