Classic mistakes when applying makeup

Find that makeup that would ideally fit the tone and the image of a woman is quite difficult. And sometimes in his search, through experiments with cosmetics, girls make some mistakes.

Tone selection errors.

Cosmetologists of the country notes that Russians are often abused in tone. First of all, they make a mistake, applying too much of its number of it. Find the optimal ratio between “little” and “much” is not easy. Of course, if the girl’s skin is in well -groomed, good condition, she should apply a small amount of tone to the skin. The same and vice versa, if the skin is problematic, it must be applied in a quantity in which it would hide the imperfections of the skin of the face. It is worth remembering that it is better to give preference to masking a pimple or scar than to “dash” the whole face. The main thing is to apply the tone in such a way as to achieve the naturalness and uniformity of its shade. In this case, you can use any means – fingers, or brushes, sponge. How will it be more convenient for you.

One of the most common mistakes in creating makeup is an unsuccessful selecting of tone when women who have light skin specially selected a tint darker. After all, the line that separates the bright neck from the dark face will be quite noticeable. Therefore, it should be remembered that first of all, the tone of makeup should be in harmony with the color of the skin. Otherwise, the face will look as if you had just left the coal mine.

Errors when choosing and applying powder to the skin.

The main value of the powder is to prevent the skin from shining. With its help, you can also hide various irregularities or face disadvantages. The skin with an oily tone must be powdered, otherwise it will glitter in bright light. At the moment, it is easy to find a tone on sale that does not need to be powdered, it harmoniously fits into the image of a woman.

We will apply a little cream under the powder so that the powder particles “clasp” with the skin. Girls need to distinguish between the effects of two types of powder. There is a crumbly and compact varieties. Remember that if you apply compact (highly pigment) powder on a fat basis, then the pigment will begin to appear too much on the face. This is one of the common errors when using powder.

We apply the shadows correctly.

The main problem in women with shadows is associated with the selection of their color. After all, different colors are applied in different ways, they require various application techniques. Using mother -of -pearl shadows, they must be shaved mainly on the upper eyelid, as well as the bloody part. We shade matte shadows both on the upper eyelid and in the eye fold. Shadows can be used to stroke the eyes.

It should be remembered that you should not apply shadows after applying the cream to the skin around the eyes. The reason is that in this way the shadows lie unevenly, they roll and look untidy.

When eyeliner, large skills are required in order to get the desired result. To achieve accuracy in this matter, you cannot do without training. Women with narrow and small eyes should not fail the inner eyelid.

Avoid errors in mascara.

To avoid errors, it is necessary to navigate in various types of vehicle purpose. The result of poorly painted volumetric carcasses – “rolled” eyelashes. The extension mascara must be applied in stages, in three approaches, allowing the previous application to dry. The necessary cosmetics can be bought, for example, here and try to use only trusted brands of well -known manufacturers. Otherwise, the result can be upset and upset you.

We apply blush correctly.

Most Russians use blossomed pink shades, as well as the color of the tanning. Do not abuse them, since with prolonged use the skin will not look rested. Such blush should be used with caution, because having overdo it, you can inadvertently aged yourself.


Circle with a dark brown pencil and then paint lips with pearl lipstick, as it was fashionable in the 60s, is already irrelevant today. Today’s lipsticks can not be combined with pencils. However, if desired, they can be used. Remember that the light pencil softens, and the dark, on the contrary, emphasizes the contour of the lips. As a rule, makeup experts advise not to use lip pencils to young girls.

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