We improve vision at home.

Someone with age, someone in the process of labor activity or an incorrect lifestyle gradually begins to deteriorate. Of course, to change the process fundamentally in the opposite direction may be needed, if not surgical intervention, so very strong willpower. At home, it is quite possible to stop a drop in vision, and in some cases even a little improve it, which, of course, you won’t do, if you need dentisting, it is best to contact professionals for this.

What is needed for this? First of all, the desire to engage in special gymnastics for the eyes, slightly modify your diet, and include more vitamins, fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as cereals. Some folk methods also help.

For example, you can make drops of blueberry fruits. Making them is quite simple, for this you need to squeeze the juice from 5-7 fruits of ripe blueberries immediately before use. Use up to two times a day.

At home, it is simple and practical to use carrot juice and various greens. This requires carrots, parsley, chicory, celery. All this is mixed and the juice is squeezed out (use at least 30 grams of the mixture). The mixture is taken as an ordinary drink that must be consumed once a day.

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