How to choose stylish shoes for all occasions

Every girl cares about her appearance and her style.

Not the last place in the list of the most important things of the wardrobe is occupied by shoes.

But how to choose what will be perfect for you?


First, remember that there is nothing more important than comfort. If you feel that the rise is not suitable for you, shoes, the skin of the legs is painted, then immediately throw out such shoes. It should be as comfortable as possible when wearing, otherwise you will be tired, and this will affect the gait and mood.

Several variants

Always have several pairs of shoes for the season. It is not necessary to buy trendy and super -expensive shoes for the entire salary. Some sandals or shoes can be bought at the sale. Find the optimal balance between quality and price and never save on quality in favor of the brand, because no one canceled the fakes.

A few styles

It is very important that in your arsenal there are shoes of different style, for example, classic boats, sports ISABEL MARANT, high boots, cork beach sandals. This is necessary so that you do not limit yourself in choosing clothes and always look stylish in a suitable atmosphere.

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