Grass antiseptics that they are.

Very often we have irritations, scuffs and inflammatory processes on the skin and mucous membrane, and after all, it is easy to fight with the help of herbs that are right under our feet. The simplest and most common are chamomile and sage. Walking in the summer in the meadow or in the forest near our cottage or country house, we can easily collect chamomile and sage during their flowering. Having collected and dried in the shade, cut and put them in dry glass jars. It is better to store for no more than a year, Next year you can collect new.

The decoctions of these chamomile and sage are simple: the full tablespoon of raw materials is full of two glasses of water, it is brought to a boil, boiling 30 seconds., Leave to cooling.

If we use a decoction for rinsing the throat or gums, we dilute it with warm water in half. If we use externally to wash scuffs, diaper rash, irritation, rashes caused later – we use a decoction without breaking.

A very good decoction of chamomile for rinsing hair after you wash them. The hair becomes shiny and silky, dry skin is eliminated and, as a result, the appearance of dandruff.

The baths from the decoction of chamomile on the skin of the arms and legs after a hard day in the country have favorably. They relieve fatigue and inflammatory processes caused by small cuts and injections that are inevitable when working in the garden and garden.

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