How to choose a haircut right

It is difficult to disagree that the hair is a decoration of any woman. Well -groomed hair can be proud of. But even the most beautiful curls can not decorate a woman at all if this haircut does not suit her. How to learn to choose a haircut? Of course, any woman can give such advice a good stylist, but shouldn’t a woman know which hairstyle suits her most? The type of face is of great importance in the correct selection of a haircut. There are many types of face, because each face is individual, but there are indicators by which you can determine the approximate type. How can a young person find out what type she has? Very simple. It is enough to understand what geometric form her face is approximate. The first type of face is a round shape. Its owners have the length and width of the face is approximately equal, so you should select such hairstyles that lengthen the face. The hair should be lush hair on top, and on the sides – desired. Asymmetric haircuts having a slanting bang are also suitable. But to make a direct parting of the chubby is not recommended. The second type of face is an oval shape. Such a face is slightly elongated in height, and the width of the forehead and chin is the same. If a woman has such a face, she was lucky, because all the haircuts are approaching this type without exception. You can make a cascade for long hair or a shortened bob haircut. The choice always remains for a woman. The third type of face is a square. Its distinguishing features are expressed in almost equal height and width of the face, as well as the lower part of such a face resembles the shape of a square. Tips for the selection of hairstyles for such a person are similar to round. Hairstyles should be asymmetric, visually raise the top line of the forehead, open the ears, but the square chin must be softened with light curls. The face is elongated, which has a larger length than the width, the stylists are called oblong, since its shape is similar to an elongated ellipse or rectangle. For such persons, hairstyles that will close the ears will have a bang, visually reducing the height of the face. The hair should be wavy and in no case straight. If the representative of the fair sex has the same width of the forehead and cheekbones, but the face is noticeably narrowed, and the chin is sharp, then her face is called triangular or heart -shaped, because in shape it resembles a triangle or heart. Haircuts for such a lady should be magnificent and thick at the level of earlobes and smoothed near the forehead. It is better not to do a short bang in this case: it will undesirable to show the wide forehead of the young woman. Oddly enough, but in the correct selection of haircuts for women, the shape of the nose is important. If the girl has a straight nose, then smoothly combed hair will spoil her appearance, but lush hairstyles will expose her in the most profitable light. Hair combed up is good for women with a wide or snub -nosed nose. With a small nose it is best to have curls. It is well known that the eyes are a mirror of the soul, and in the female image they even play the main role. Of course, any haircut should approach the eyes of a woman. A variety of bangs are suitable for widely set eyes, and with close eyes, an open forehead looks better. If a woman has a short neck, then it needs to be opened with a short haircut, and cover large ears with hair. As for growth, long hair is suitable for tall girls, and stunted, respectively,, on the contrary, short -legged. The choice of a suitable model haircut for a woman is also affected by many other factors, for example, hair type. For oily hair, short or voluminous elongated haircuts are suitable, in which the hair would not fit tightly to the scalp and did not lose a fresh look ahead of time. Dry hair, slightly similar to straw, require a haircut that will not need frequent styling and washing. Thin hair that practically does not give volume, it is best to curl or unevenly cut. Thick hair is better cut by medium length. The choice of hairstyles for such hair is quite wide, but you should not give it too much volume or use curlers, unlike thin hair. Watching hair in this sense is the most advantageous position. You can choose absolutely any haircuts for them.

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