How to choose the right shoes for a business suit

Many business ladies in everyday office bustle prefer to wear business suits. This can be not only the desire of the woman herself, a strict dress code has been introduced in many companies. Not to merge with the crowd and the individuality will allow competently selected shoes.

What is the most important in the selection of shoes for a business suit?

one. A great choice will be the shoes of dark colors: gray, black or brown. The heel should be either medium or very small, jewelry on shoes in the form of drawings and this should not be like. It is also worth remembering that it is not permissible in the office to wear open shoes.

2. Important in combination of a business suit and shoes is also a color choice. If the top is chosen or black, it is worth picking up classic black shoes for it. So the image will become elegant. If you want to refresh your appearance, it is worth stopping attention on shoes of coffee-cream color. They will look perfect with a gray suit.

Also, if you choose shoes for children in Kazan, you can focus on the same principles.

3. Attention should be paid to what the suit is sewn from. For example, with weightless fabrics like silk, light and slightly frivolous shoes will look great. But for a tweed costume it is worth choosing massive shoes with a wide heel.

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