How to hold a wedding in an original and tasteful

Today it is fashionable to arrange unusual celebrations on your wedding day. It is fresh, relevant and unusual. Any couple can come up with something special for themselves.

Bicycle wedding

The usual wedding day looks pretty boring: the registry office – a walk – restaurant. But, even starting from this script, you can come up with something interesting. For example, organize a motorcade of newlyweds on the most ordinary bicycles. Memories of this day will delight you for many years. It is still interesting to try other unusual modes of transport: skate, carriages, horses. It all depends only on your capabilities.

Costume wedding

Costume weddings are relevant, although this requires rather large costs, because you have to write a script and adjust the whole celebration under it. And it’s not so easy to persuade all guests to observe the dress code, but nothing is impossible. Come up with what you like the most – gangster, pirate, Japanese, cartoon, knightly wedding.

Get married in another country

You can arrange your own wedding in another country. Another country, another mainland, another culture is so exciting and unusual. The seashore, palm trees and sand, or a wedding rite in magical India. Any cardinal solution will be remembered as the most unusual and vivid event of many years. Try to mix completely different cultures and traditions. After all, every country has its own beautiful rites.

Wedding picnic

Very often you can observe weddings in nature. The likeness of ceremonies from American films is a very fashionable trend. Against the background of bright greenery, the young will look just amazing. And guests will be able to experience double pleasure from the wedding and close to nature.

Turn on your imagination and have fun in full. This is your day!

By the way, if you want to be inspired by the ideas of wedding celebrations from celebrities, look for news of this kind as Nick Carter took a fitness expert into the wives. Surely you will turn up an interesting idea.

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