How to make a capsule wardrobe

There are many things in our cabinets, and there is nothing to wear as always. We get things under the influence of our emotions and do not think about how and with what we will wear all this.

Designers came up with a fashionable innovation – a capsule wardrobe that will solve all problems at once.

So, this is a kit, which includes from 5 to 12 things, combined with each other. Having gathered all these items together, you will receive a capsule wardrobe. Its peculiarity is that the things included in it are combined with each other and replace each other, allowing you to create new bows each time.

The capsule wardrobe significantly saves money, since you will create many different images, combining the existing things inside the capsule, but, without buying new outfits. Of course, the capsule wardrobe sometimes needs to be updated. But now you will make purchases deliberately, not spontaneously. In addition to money, you will save your time, because you do not have to stand for a long time before the mirror and painfully reflect what to wear.

We make a capsule wardrobe

When compiling a capsule wardrobe, consider your lifestyle and your preferences. There should be a few capsules in the wardrobe:

for the office;

for relax;

for Sport;

for publication and others.

Over time, some capsules can be removed, others, you can even make a capsule wardrobe for a child and just buy a children’s evening dress, trousers, a skirt, a couple of T -shirts and sneakers for this.

Only one rule should remain unshakable – objects in the capsule should be one orientation, combine in color and texture of fabrics. What does it mean? For example, you can not insert an air fastener dress and sneakers into the capsule for work.

To make a capsule, sort your wardrobe and see what you include in this capsule and what is missing.

Start with basic things:








Important! Things in the capsule should meet fashion trends and at the same time emphasize your individual style.

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