Melissa medicinal in folk medicine.

There are many useful substances in the chemical composition of this plant, such as: necessary tannins, useful essential oils, vitamins C and B, so Melisa has quite useful healing properties, which have long been known in folk medicine.

Decoctions are made from lemon balm according to folk recipes, it is used for external use in the form of tincture on alcohol or vodka. Especially effective the external use of tincture from lemon balm for the treatment of paralysis and gout. Decoctions from lemon balm can also be used externally, but most folk recipes recommend taking a decoction from this plant inside as a very effective remedy for the appearance of pain in the stomach, dizziness, fainting, as well as with emotional strain. The use of lemon balm can also normalize and improve metabolism, which is extremely important to maintain good well -being.

Melisa oil also has healing properties, it is recommended to use it for heart pain, taking no more than 15 drops at a time at a time. External lemon balm oil can be used as a remedy for rheumatism, which significantly relieves pain. It is also effective to use alcohol tincture from lemon balm, which should be consumed in the same doses as oil.

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