Low -carb recipes or losing weight tasty

Nowadays, more and more people are following their health. Doctors unanimously repeat us that carbohydrates are useful for the body only in small quantities. Based on the conclusions of scientists in the field of dietetics, many doctors and “assistants” in weight loss, put their customers on low or carbohydrate diets. And, however, the results of this diet are amazing. Yes, even to recall the Kremlin diet, on which all politicians “sat” at one time, because it also includes a low -carb diet. So what are these low -carb diets? This is simply protein nutrition with low carbohydrate consumption. Consider what carbohydrates are contained. These are bakery products, cereals, sweets of all kinds, sweet drinks, some fruits and vegetables. Squirrels, these are all meat, sausages, dairy products so necessary for our lives. So, one of the reasons for the breakdowns in such diets is that people simply cook meat constantly, and, in the end, they are horrible as they bother. After all, the captive diet of the menu can also not enter each day, you need some kind of diversity in food. In this article, we offer a couple of very simple recipes of low -carb diet that will help you not only lose weight, but also diversify your diet. one. Chicken pancakes are “tender” for preparation We will need: -2 chicken breasts -sol -Maiones -Maiones -Picking starch -1 chicken egg -Cut the cheese cut the chicken breast into small squares, add 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise, 1 egg, three cheese, and three cheese, three. Add a spoonful of starch (start with a teaspoon, if not enough, add more), salt and pepper. Having mixed all the ingredients, we spread them in a pan in the form of pancakes, fry 2-3 minutes on each side, and remove from the fire. Enjoy your meal. 2. The meat is merchant. For preparation, we need: -700 grams of pork, better brisket -200 grams of champignons -2 bulbs -250 grams of cheese -2 large bell pepper -salt and pepper. Cut the meat as for chopping, beat off every piece. Put the baking paper on a baking sheet, lubricating it with vegetable oil, and spread our meat. We spread the meat with a layer of mayonnaise. Cut pepper, mushrooms and onions with cubes, mix with a small amount of mayonnaise, spread it on each piece, and put grated cheese on top. We heat the oven to 180 degrees and bake 30 minutes. Put a small bowl of water in the oven, so your meat will be juicy and incredibly tasty.

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