How to get rid of an annoying interlocutor

As has been proven by psychologists, an annoying chattering person parasitizes on the emotions of his opponents. Its goal is not communication, but any opportunity to visit the spotlight. Most people try to avoid such interlocutors, as a result of which the entire verbal flow of this person is directed to those who will not be allowed to get rid of him by education.

If at the moment of a conversation with an annoying acquaintance or acquaintance you feel annoyed or guilty, and then completely regret the time spent on it, then you have become a victim of a “verbal vampire”. Against such people it is necessary to use one of the following psychological techniques:

one. Excuse

The best way to avoid a conversation until the interlocutor begins to drag you out to tell him that you are busy. And don’t be afraid to be rude or misunderstood the first time.

2. Ask proactive questions

Ask an unlimited number of questions designed to change the subject of the conversation. Questions can be anything, both inconsistent and secondary. As a result, your interlocutor simply can’t stand it and he will finish his dialogue himself.

3. Lack of interest in conversation

Let the interlocutor understand that you are indifferent to his chatter. Directly invite him to change the subject, and if he starts to captivate you again, then do it again.

four. Simulated phone call

If you didn’t have time to escape from the conversation and it is already in full swing, then pretend that you are being called on an urgent matter, and, stepping aside, start talking as long as possible, interrupting the interlocutor’s flow of speech.

5. Unrequited presence

If all of the above methods seem too rough, then try the passive method. Just pretend that you are listening to the interlocutor, occasionally nodding to him, in the future the person himself will understand that you are not interested.

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