Bribe or reward for a child?

Often, many parents do not know and do not understand how to get their assignments from the child. They are trying to use their reproaches, requests, moralizing, swearing, punishment, and they even try to encourage them financially, it looks like a bribe for a request or assignment.

Of course, there are also parents who are sure that all sorts of awards and incentives in raising children are unacceptable. They believe that the child should already fulfill all their instructions, without any conversation. Still, it is worth finding a “middle ground” and think about it, because it can be such a way of education is no worse than the rest.

All children have a clear sensation and understanding of the presence of goodwill in adults. That is why, if you need, so that your child does something that he does not want to do at all, then try to offer some reward due to which he wants to fulfill your order or task.

For example, let’s look at a situation that can often come to any family: you need to take a child to a dentist to an unpleasant and even painful procedure, of course, your child will cry, break out and resist, you, in turn, will naturally regret his. But at the same time you can break and shout on it. Do not scream, swear, you just need to calmly explain that the treatment is simply necessary, and after these procedures, promise some kind of reward: buying a new toy, going to the cafe, zoo, circus, theater and so on. And you will see that next time for the baby this procedure will pass less painful. And this will not be considered a bribe, you will make a kind of reward to your child, for stamina and patience.

A good reward always affects the behavior of the child. And if you want your child to stand steadfastly something like the treatment of teeth or other unpleasant procedures or tasks for him, then you need to learn how to encourage him and promise a reward at the end of all torment. But at the same time, it is worth remembering that you do not need to reward the child just like that, so to speak for good behavior or fulfilling your duties at home and home lessons. It is necessary to ensure that the award cannot turn into an ordinary habit. And most importantly, your child should not become an extortionist.

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