Cheat your health.

A healthy lifestyle is one of the main topics in the modern world. After all, there are so many poor -quality products, the environmental situation in the world only worsens. In order to avoid many problems related to health, you need to monitor yourself. One of the painful problems is all kinds of intestinal diseases. Oncological diseases of the intestine, which most often develop from advanced dysbacteriosis.  Problems with the stomach and esophagus. In principle, this list can be continued for a very long time and there will be no benefits from this, so let’s talk about how to protect yourself from such problems with the intestinal cavity.

Many do not even know, but poorly chewed food, begins to oxidize, then wander and at the end begins open decoration of products directly in the stomach. Hence the colon, a huge number of slags develop, which interfere with the normal functioning of the intestines. Further development of events leads to the fact that not the necessary vitamins with amino acids begin to seep out of the colon to your body, but a huge amount of toxic substances. I think everyone understands that this does not bring benefits? All this was proved by the famous scientist Mechnikov.  He was engaged in the study of oncological diseases of the intestine and came to the conclusion that in 95 percent of cases, cancer begins to progress in the colon, which is clogged with slag and ulcers. In his study, there were about 1148 cases of intestinal cancer, 1022 of them developed just like that.

With poor work of intestinal flora, not only cancer develops. And such diseases as: joint diseases, the development of skin diseases and the appearance of a chronic runny nose, which in turn develops a huge amount of allergies.  The strongest means of destroying intestinal microflora is an antibiotic. When applying it, he kills not only dangerous viruses, but also all the necessary microbes that help our digestion.

It is quite difficult to restore intestinal microflora, but it is possible. Use decoctions of herbs such as: plantain, nettles, trilize and m.D. This will help destroy all the toxic poisons that kill your intestines.  You can use these decoctions in two ways. Drink or enjoy.

Watch your health!

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