Choosing a good water filter

Today, no one will surprise anyone with the fact that it is impossible to drink water from our cranes in houses, to put it mildly, and, of course, it cannot be called useful and clean. Many people acquire and put filters at home who are able to clean our poor -quality water, but there are citizens who have not yet installed the filter and ask themselves the question of which filter is better? In this article, we will try to figure out this issue in more detail.

one. Stationary filter. It is connected to the water supply and placed directly under the sink. Such a filter requires an additional installation of a small crane through which already purified water will pour.

2. Filter pumping on the crane. It is attached to the tip of your crane. Its effectiveness is low, because it purifies water only from various large pollution. Water through such a filter runs slowly and therefore it is better to take water without a filter for household chores.

3. Jug. One of the most popular varieties of filters. It is made of two parts: the filter itself and a container in the shape of a jug. In the filter you fill water that passes through a special interchangeable cassette, which should be changed from time to time.

four. The ion -income filter is mainly designed to remove harmful metals and softened water.

5. Coal filter. He is not expensive and easy to use. Activated carbon kills various microorganisms and removes pollution. The main drawback of the coal filter is that over time, coal accumulates microorganisms and bacteria, which multiply in such an environment. To do this, you should change the filler or cassette in time. The term of their use is an average of 6-9 months.

6. Ceramic filter. It is based on a cleansing element – kieselgur, and some models still contain nanosaur.

Which filter to choose – you decide, but it is better to make a biochemical analysis of your water before buying before buying.

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