Myths about the business failure of a woman

Despite the fact that today society has long moved away from dividing professions into female and male, in some areas, women are still biased. You can blame anyone and anything, but the matter is always in a low self -esteem.

If you can dispel these myths for yourself, then you will not meet such barriers in the career field. Positive thinking today is especially important.

So, what are the myths about the business failure of a woman?

A real woman does not dream of a career

At the beginning of the development of civilization – it is possible, but now other times. If you are bored of sitting at home and spending your precious time, then why not start self -realized? For example, you are interested in disputes in the arbitration court of paper, do it! Children, economy, kitchen are all good, and if you want to devote yourself to this, then this is your choice.

But if you are simply afraid of the opinions of others, you will gradually begin to depress, apathy will appear, the loss of the meaning of life. What your household will benefit from this? If there is a desire and energy, be sure to use this.

A woman is not as smart as a man

This is completely wrong. A woman thinks differently-this is the truth. Men think of logical categories, women more often rely on intuition. Therefore, it is often difficult for men to understand the actions of women, but this does not mean that women do not differ in their minds.

Very often the lack of rationality can lead to more effective results than logical arguments. Never doubt your mental abilities.

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