L-glutamine: brain amino acid

Intensive intellectual work requires us constant stress – at work, during driving, counting of funds, etc. To always remain in good shape, you need to carefully monitor the health and level of stress resistance.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to do on your own, but if you resort to the help of medical remedies, use L-glutamine, which you can order which on/products/aminoacids/lglutamine50/.

It can be consumed by adults from the age of 16, but not more than three capsules per day. Everything is written in the instructions in detail – the course is sipped for 1 month with interruptions, but you can repeat the reception several times a year.

L-glutamine was not in vain called the brain amino acid. Its main task is to increase the mental activity of the brain.

If you have problems with attention and concentration, you periodically cannot think clearly and clearly, then take L-glutamine and track changes.

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