What injuries can a future mother get during childbirth

Natural childbirth is a complex and sometimes long process. And happy are those women who managed to give birth to a child without complications, tears and incisions. However, according to statistics, this does not happen so often. Therefore, in this article we will talk about what injuries a woman can get during childbirth. The first injury is a rupture of the vulva, with this injury, the tears are sutured using local anesthesia, and if the clitoris is damaged, then intravenous anesthesia can be used to reduce the very painful sensations of suturing. The sutures for this injury are absorbable, which will not need to be removed. In case of injuries of the vagina, if we are talking about a simple rupture, they also suture, and if doctors detect a hematoma, then you have to stitch a vessel that bleeds. Stitches are not removed after surgery, they will dissolve over time. If during childbirth it becomes obvious to doctors that there is a risk of perineal rupture, an incision is made on it. Thus, the seam on a neat incision will be much easier and faster to apply than on a gap. If the gap has already occurred, then it is sewn up especially carefully, in layers and comparing the edges of the wound. In addition, the seams should subsequently be treated with a solution of potassium permanganate or brilliant green. And after visiting the toilet, it is strongly recommended to wash yourself – to prevent infection from entering an unhealed wound. With this injury, they can be applied like silk sutures – they are removed after 5 days and catgut sutures – they are not removed.And perhaps the most difficult injury is a rupture of the cervix. Luckily, this kind of injury is very rare. If such a gap nevertheless occurs, then it is sutured with centimeter seams.

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