How to arrange a children’s room

When moving to a new house, we first of all think about how each of its rooms will look like. It is worth paying closer attention to the child’s room, since both functionality and creativity are important in the interior design of a child’s room.

Important when choosing a decor for a children’s bedroom is the character of your baby, his individual characteristics. Listen to all the wishes of your child and start creating.


In any case, it is very important to use environmentally friendly materials, but when it comes to children, it is necessary to choose materials as carefully as possible.

So, for example, some experts consider vinyl wallpapers not suitable for children’s rooms.

In general, children’s wallpapers must meet at least a few requirements: be safe, create coziness and harmony in the room; match your child’s personality.

Preference should be given to bright colors and interesting subjects. However, balance is needed in everything: the abundance of neon colors and colorful shades contributes to stress.

An excellent choice would be wallpaper with a pattern, pasted on one of the walls, or voluminous applications. You can also decorate the walls with children’s drawings, photographs or posters.


Ideal children’s furniture should be light, durable, original and multifunctional at the same time.

If your little one is big enough, consider a wooden loft bed with a play or work area below. They not only meet the listed requirements, but also save a significant part of the space, which is a definite plus. Moreover, to acquire such a “luxury” is quite capable: the prices for a bed with a working area are on average from 10-12,000 rubles.

And how your child will like a similar bed! After all, this is not just a place to sleep, it is a real cozy den, reminiscent of a tree house, which almost all we once dreamed of, being children. Many built -in boxes, cabinets and shelves will also delight your child.

However, keep in mind that your child is growing, and the situation will have to be changed over time. It is desirable that a significant part of the furniture is suitable for different age categories.


Natural light is the key to vigor and good mood, so the children’s room should be quite illuminated. Do not curtain the windows with tight curtains – use light translucent tulle or blinds.

If the room is divided into zones, make sure that each of them has its own lighting source in the form of built -in lamps.

Do not experiment with daylight: the light should be bright and uniform enough so that during games or classes, do not spoil the vision to the baby.

But you can choose the source of night lighting for every taste.

Projector lamps look quite unusual and original. So, the young astronomer will be pleased with the projector of the night sky, and a colorful nightlight is suitable for children, reflecting images of aquarium fish or heroes of their favorite cartoons on the walls and ceiling.


Children spend a lot of time on the floor, so it is worth making sure that the floor in the baby’s room is warm and served for a long time. Laminated floors are best suited for the nursery, since they are quite durable and are well cleaned of paints, plasticine or chocolate.

Electric “warm floors” are also quite popular today. High -quality “warm” floors are absolutely safe, and with them you can be sure that your child will not catch a cold.

And, of course, which child does not like to play on the carpet? Warm rugs and carpets with bright, interesting drawings and ornaments contribute to a good mood and development of imagination.

A few tips finally:

• When designing a children’s room, zoning is relevant: the presence of individual zones for games, sleep and rest accustoms the child to order.

• Try not to choose a “pink-blue” design for a boy or girl, since this limits a child in overall development and does not contribute to the development of good taste.

• allow the child to participate in decorating his bedroom: this is a very exciting and interesting process for children of any age.

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