How to determine deviations in development in the baby

It is not always possible to find out when there are any developmental deviations in the child’s doctor. But this can be done at home, thanks to some methods of children’s psychologists, as well as teachers-correctors.

To determine whether everything is good in a child with hearing, you will need 4 small jars, for example, from under a kinder or photographic tape. In three of them, buckwheat, semolina and peas are half poured, but the fourth is left completely empty. Diagnosis is best done together with someone, for example, with dad. The baby is seated on a chair, while one adult holds him and begins to talk or smile, so that the child somehow shows his reaction to these actions emotionally. At the same time, the second adult is completely shocking two jars behind him: one empty, and the second with buckwheat or peas, if it is a child up to 4 months, and if an older baby, then it can be any filler. The first adult monitors the reaction of the child during noise: usually he normally captures the sounds of the noise of cereal, but cannot determine exactly where it comes from. He can freeze or vice versa – to actively try to understand where the noise comes from.

After performing a child 2 years old, it is worth checking his reaction to a whisper. For example, ask first in a normal voice to indicate on a doll where she has a nose or mouth, and then gradually switch to a whisper. A child with normal hearing will react equally to a whisper and ordinary intonations. With any deviations, it should seem to be a checker for a specialized examination.

To check the vision of the online you will need a good mood in a child, not too bright a light source and a favorite toy. They just drive her over the child, and follow his eyes. Usually in 4-month-old babies, eyeballs are already moving behind the direction of movement to the toy. When it approaches it, pupils can expand, and at a distance – to narrow.

As for the delay in the development of movements, there is a fairly wide range, when a child can start holding his head, crawl or walk. Some may have some individual framework for development. But in the event of any suspicion, it is better to immediately contact a qualified children’s doctor.

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