3 options for using snowflakes in Christmas decor

To make the interior of the house truly New Year’s, we can not do without snowflakes. We already talked about how to make a beautiful snow town in a jar and how to use a Christmas tree for decoration, now it’s time for snowflakes.

one. Picture with snowflakes

To create this small masterpiece, you will need glass, a frame, paper, scissors and glue.

The size of the glass and frame does not matter. It can be a small square of glass or a huge window glass, as long as the piece is unbroken.

If you do not have a suitable frame, then you can make it yourself – from cardboard. Cut out strips of cardboard so that they partially cover the glass. To decorate the frame, you can tie cardboard strips with colored thread, and then carefully glue them to the glass.

Cut out the required number of snowflakes from white paper and stick them evenly on the glass. So you get a beautiful transparent picture with snowflakes.

The advantage of such a picture is that it can change the background depending on where you put it.

2. Light fixture with snowflake shadow

To create such a lamp, you will need an old working lamp without a lampshade, cardboard, a snowflake stencil, scissors and glue.

As a lamp, you can use a lamp, a table lamp, and even a sconce with a floor lamp.

In our case, there is no need to come up with fasteners for a cardboard lampshade, so we will put it directly on the table.

Cut 4 equal sides of cardboard, then glue them among themselves. Before gluing, you need to cut out a snowflake pattern using a stencil. It is better to cut with a clerical knife so that it turns out evenly. Then it remains only to glue the 4 sides of the lampshade and place it above the lamp.

3. Painting on plates

You will need transparent glassware and white acrylic paint for painting on glass.

It is enough to draw beautiful symbolic snowflakes with a thin brush. If you do not cover the dishes with a special protective varnish, then after the holidays it will be very easy to wash off such snowflakes.

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