How to dress a full girl?

The question “What should I dress in?» worried women always. Good for those whom kind mother nature rewarded with a model appearance. They look good on almost any outfit. But what about the owners of magnificent forms? Go on a diet fast? Or say goodbye to the dream forever, look stylish and attractive? Not at all. You just need to choose the right clothes, and the result will pleasantly surprise you.

Rules for choosing clothes for obese girls

• First, forever forget about long shapeless hoodies. There is an opinion that such clothes help to hide fullness. Nothing happened! A woman, especially a short one, in such clothes becomes like a ball.

• The best choice – styles that fit the figure, but do not fit it, emphasizing every crease. One-piece dresses with longitudinal stripes, fitted jackets and V-neck blouses will look good. Avoid large patch pockets, large collars and abundance of ruffles.

• Skirts on the floor and flared skirts for lush girls – taboos. It is better to opt for a pencil or “tulip” styles. Choose heeled shoes for them so that your legs seem longer.

• All kinds of shortened, narrowed to the bottom and tight -fitting trousers are also not the most successful solution. Straight trousers will look much more appropriate. A stylish look will give you jeans wiped in the center. This solution helps to make legs visually slimmer.

• When choosing clothes, you should pay special attention to the fabric. Drape, moher, thick knitwear, large knitting, fur elements – it is better to forget about all this. With transparent materials, you should also behave extremely carefully. Use them to emphasize the advantages (for example, a neckline). Brilliant and textured materials, contrary to popular belief, can be used, but in this case, pay special attention to the style of the outfit.

• Black color – almost perfect for full girls. But you can’t walk like a funeral bureau all the time. Experiment with bright colors, they are able to make the figure noticeably slimmer. For example, a light green or bright blue color visually “eliminates” the figure.

And the most important rule – believe in your attractiveness, do not be afraid to stand out from the crowd. Try, experiment and do not forget that every woman is unique. Find what is right for you, and enjoy the delighted glances of men.

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