Small tricks for iPhone owners

IPhones have long come into use, their use makes it possible and easy communication, correspondence, reading news and game. All this is in real time. A rare phone boasts convenience, style and a loud brand than the iPhone has.

However, we are sure that you still do not know everything about your smartphone. You can deal with useful trifles below. And if it turned out that you need an urgent repair of your favorite gadget, then go to the page/service/iPhone-5s/.

one. If you want the battery charge to be displayed as a percentage (often it’s easier to control the charge), go to the settings – the main. There will be “statistics” and in it you will see “a charge of a percentage of batteries”.

2. When working with photos, sometimes they have to be copied. To do this, click on the photo and select the corresponding function in the menu. And here’s another nuance: click in the photo without releasing your finger. Turn the phone over. You will notice that the photograph does not turn over. Very comfortably.

3. If you hold the Home button for a long time, then you turn on the voice control.

four. It happens that this is not the time to answer the call. When they call you, click Power once. The sound will turn off, but the call will not drop. To make a reset, press the button twice.

5. Looking through the cards, for convenience, they need to be scaled. You can reduce quickly with two fingers – just touch the map.

6. If you view the images on the Internet and you need to save the picture, touch the screen, hold your finger, and when the menu appears, save the photo. This feature is available in Safari browser.

7. To quickly take a screenshot from the screen, click Home and immediately Power. Photos will be available in the photo gallery.

eight. Working with a gallery, sometimes I want to change effects. To do this, in the photo settings, you need to change the “transitions” function.

9. Finally, if you once bought a program in the App Store, and then deleted it, then if you want to restore it, you no longer need to buy it again. The App Store contains information about your purchases.

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