The advantage of winter assembly of a wooden house

Houses made of wood are very popular today. Do you know that a tree lives even after a log house? It can distinguish odors and resin for a person for decades. In addition, it serves as a shelter for microorganisms that prevent the development of bacteria harmful to people. Thanks to its environmental, energy -saving and thermal insulation characteristics, wood is rightfully considered the best building material. Although for other types of construction you can use other materials. Traditionally popular corrugation from which will serve you for many years.

The advantages and disadvantages of a wooden house

And yet, that the tree is a living organism and its shortcomings. The house built from it is mobile, and, therefore, if you do not take the appropriate technical measures, or, for example, an engineering error will be found, then your house may be distorted, or maybe even falling apart. If you will have relatively warm days in winter, then a house of logs or a timber of natural humidity should be well ventilated to avoid the appearance of a fungus or “blue”. After the construction is completed, the wood must be covered with special varnish in order to avoid an effect of a natural nature and increase its service life. In winter, you should not be afraid of “blue” and fungus, frosts will not allow them to develop, but as soon as warm days come, immediately, cover your house with a special tool from their appearance. Fences from the profiled sheet, in turn, do not need additional decoration.

There is an opinion that construction and repair should be done in the warm season, however, for the construction of a wooden house, winter is by no means a hindrance. The beam dries in the cold more evenly; In winter, the so -called “blue” beam of natural humidity practically does not threaten; The beam is slower than in the warm season, it dries, and, therefore, shrinkage elements and studs can be twisted less often; In winter, the price of building materials becomes lower.

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