Choose children’s boots

Any mother takes care of the health of her child, and therefore will choose the best for him. Walrenes in the winter is the best solution to make small legs warm and comfortable, because not all, even the most expensive and high -quality shoes, withstands severe cold.

We still have felt boots with simple boots for galoshes, but such times have long been behind. Today you can look at any online store to see how high -quality such things are, not to mention their attractive appearance. The assortment is so great that you can even get confused, just look at the choice on kapika.

Recall that boots are made of natural felted wool and are ideal for dry cold weather. If the street is wet, then rubber galoshes are needed, because, despite all the charm of sheep felt, he still gets wet.

We list the main advantages of felt boots as shoes:

Walrenes are made without seams;

Sheep’s wool is hypoallergenic, which means it will suit any child;

The felt is very warm and porous, which means that he warms and easily evaporates moisture.

The choice of boots is based on decor, cost, size. But these indicators are purely individual and you yourself can choose the perfect option. We can stop only some universal details.

In particular, today you can buy ordinary boots, or you can also on a rubberized sole. This is something like a replacement for Kalosh. In some models, such a sole is even planted on a special tread, which does not allow shoes to slide on the ice.

Finishing is also a purely individual choice, but you should know that you can find shoes with fur and braid, and even with embroidery.

What is the difference between natural boots?

Real boots will not contain seams and lightning, only Velcro and that, for decor.

There can be no insulation in felt boots.

The material to the touch will not be too hard, but not too soft, the sluggish wool should be elastic.

The sole inside the boot should be even.

An unpleasant odor is a sure sign that the boots are produced without observing the necessary technologies.

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