Parental taboo: how to say no child?

The atmosphere of permissiveness, fulfilling all the desires of the baby, is unlikely to benefit him, and seriously speaking – can bring many problems in his future life.

Psychologists say that the parental one cannot, beneficially affects the character of the child, and prepares him well for adulthood. However, you also need to refuse correctly, so as not to offend the baby and not harm him.

There are a wide variety of prohibitions. Perhaps the main one is the ban on the security of the child.

The ban, designed to maintain health, is also very important: why there is a salad, not chocolate; why you can’t walk striped in cold weather?

Restrictions designed to adapt the baby for life in society: why you should not take other people’s things, offend others, scream loudly on the street?

Many parents want to know how to refuse the child so that he understands everything correctly and willingly fulfill the instructions of mom and dad?

We say no correctly

• Each ban should be justified-the baby needs to know why something should not be done. That the child will understand better: do not touch the knife! or do not touch the knife, because you can cut it and it will be very painful for you?

• Refusal of something should not be accompanied by threats. Threatening to punish the child in case of failure to fulfill some demand, you thereby determine the baby to be afraid of you. Such methods are unlikely to bring any benefit.

• Take care of the baby’s self -esteem. A little man who committed a certain misconduct should not be blamed for how bad he is. Criticize his actions, not himself.

• A good example is the most intelligible example. Show what can happen to the child if he does something forbidden. Taking a doll, for example, you can demonstrate what will happen to it if it inadvertently leaning out of the window.

• Refusing to the child, be prudent. You should not constantly say “no”, because the baby is just starting to know this world and if he continuously prohibit and hiss on it, then there is no need to expect something good from this.

In the process of growing up a child, situations often arise in which loving parents are simply obliged to say no. For some, this is a serious problem. However, you should not worry, because all the prohibitions are designed to help the baby and prepare him for adulthood.

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